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Wichai Wittaya School is a high-quality school in Chiang Mai.

Questions about Academics

Wichai Wittaya School Cambridge Program is a Cambridge Program approved by the Education Ministry of Thailand and Cambridge Education.
wichai follows mainly the Math- Science stream, however, students have been learning according to their abilities and talents.

  •  All grades from KG1- Year 13 have field trips and activities. According to grade and curriculum, trips and activities are different in each grade. (For example; Grade 7 students have a trip to Science Exhibition during the National Science Week in the 1st semester and reforestation activity in the 2nd semester.) Field trips are carefully chosen to answer
    students’ interest and to support their lessons.
  •  There are also several indoor activities such as Spelling Bee Competitions for Kindergarten and Primary, Math Week for Primary, Thai language activities for KG3 – Year 13, Science Fair and End of Year Show for all.
  •  Students also attend club activities. Every year offered clubs may vary according to students’ choices.
  •  Sufficiency Garden under the Patronage of His Majesty the King; Each class, from Kindergarten 1 to Year 13, will be given a piece of land them to grow veggies.

Wichai Wittaya School follows the Academic Calendar of the Ministry of Education of Thailand. There are two semesters in an academic year. Generally, Semester 1 begins in the second week of May and ends at the end of September; Semester 2 begins in the fourth week of October and ends in the first week of March.

Questions about Students

How Many Students Are There In The School?

Wichai Wittaya is a Nursery to Year 13 School set on a single campus. The school has a maximum enrolment of 750 which enables us to ensure small class sizes which deliver the personalized/differentiated learning experience for which we are renowned.

How Are Students Placed In Year Groups And Classes?

Section Duration Grades & Age Groups
Starting from 18 months up to 3 years old
Kindergarten3 yearsKG1- KG3 (from 3 years up to 5 years old)
Primary6 yearsYear 1-6
Lower Secondary3 yearsYear 7-9
Upper Secondary4 yearsYear 10-13

How Do You Follow Students’ Progress?

  • There are monthly progress reports in Kindergarten and Primary Sections to follow students ’progress.
  • Primary and Secondary sections join standard examinations prepared by professional test companies.
  • Students take National Examinations given by the Ministry of Education.
  • Students from Year 4- 12, take Cambridge ESOL Examinations periodically four times a year.

Are Students Set (Grouped) By Ability?

Students are not set by abilities in Kindergarten and Primary Classes. However, only in lower Secondary (Year 7- 9) students are divided into two rooms based on their English level. This grouping is necessary to teach language in homogeneous classes so students will get more benefit.
However, students are not grouped according to their abilities in other subjects which means they share the same room learning the same thing.

Questions about Teacher satisfaction

How Do I Communicate With My Child's Teacher, And How Often Will I Receive Reports?

  • You can call the school for an appointment to talk with class teachers and administrators.
  • In each semester, there are two reports are prepared by the school. (Mid-Semester and Semester End Reports).
  • There are monthly progress reports for Kindergarten and Primary Students.
  • “My Weekend Book” project for Primary Students to follow their progress in English.

Are All Of Your Teachers Fully Certified?

YES, all teachers are qualified in their field. English Language teachers have TESOL certificates or graduated from related faculties.

Does The School Support Professional Development?

YES, all foreign teachers are required to attend Thai Culture Course and all faculty members (Thai, foreign) need to join indoor and/or outdoor workshops and seminars related with their teaching fields.

Questions about Learning System

Wichai Wittaya School is a Cambridge Program that has a sister school in Bangkok, Wichai Wittaya Bilingual School, which is the first Cambridge Program school in Northern Thailand. Being one of the pioneer schools in the English Program with over 20 years of experience in Thailand, wichai is preparing its students for a better future with strong academic skills and universal moral values with immersion in the English language.  We can proudly state that our school system became a role model for many schools and institutions not only in Thailand but also in some neighboring countries.

a) Young Learners (Nursery – Kindergarten)
There is no problem recorded till now. Students have a great ability to adapt especially in young ages. Our teachers have an experience to deal with students who have no background in Thai Language and/or in English.
b) Moving from International Schools
Students may have some difficulties in Thai Language and subjects taught in Thai Language. wichai has a system to handle this problem. Basically students will get enough time to catch up classmates with teachers’ aid.
c) Moving from other EP School
There is no problem about curriculum and system. Mostly students will adapt in a short time.
d) Moving from abroad
Students moving from abroad need more time to adapt wichai’s system. Students who have a problem in either Thai Language or English or both are followed by assigned advisors. Students have to take extra courses and study more some after school, some on the weekend.

wichai offers Chinese Language for Grades 4-9 and Turkish Language for Grades 7-9. Both languages are carefully chosen for students’ future.

Many opportunities for highly able students occur within the regular school timetable and some activities are available beyond school hours. The structure and features of the program vary according to the age and stage of the students.

In Primary Level, there are mathematics and science courses designed for gifted students.

In the Secondary Level, we provide courses and activities on mathematics, science and computer subjects. Gifted and talented students are followed by assigned teachers. Students study on advanced topics and for competitions in National and International level.
Students are encouraged and trained for Science Project Competitions as well.

Questions about Facilities

  • What Are Your Class Sizes?

    Nursery: up to 25 students
    Kindergarten: up to 25 students
    Primary: up to 30 students
    Secondary: up to 30 students

  • Do You Have School Lunches?

    YES, lunch is mandatory for each and every student.

Questions about Policy & Privacy

Wichai Wittaya is designed for a bilingual (English Program) system therefore administrators and teachers are specialized in Cambridge System. Students with learning disabilities need intensive care with educators who have experience and training; wichai is not designed to answer these students.
We request parents to search for their kids for a better place where students feel more comfortable.

We believe every student is unique and special. Therefore, lessons and activities are designed according to students with different abilities. Wichai Wittaya follows student-centered approach. Teachers apply several methods during the lesson to attract students’ attention. There are several activities and projects for different learners such as Gifted and Olympiad Courses for students who are good in Math- Science subjects. Art- Music courses for talented students in those fields.

General questions

We are committed to providing premium education opportunities for students and nurturing individual students’ interests and talents.

As part of this commitment, the School offers a range of scholarships at differing year levels. At wichai, we are pleased to offer Academic scholarships for entry into Grade 7 to 10.

Performing Arts (Instrumental and Voice) Scholarships and Sports Scholarships are available for entry into Grade 7 to 10.

All scholarships are awarded on the basis of the results of the testing, previous school reports and an interview.

wichai accepts students at all year levels where places are available. The major intake years, however, are Nursery, Kindergarten 1, Grades 1, 7 and 10, subject to availability.

For the latest information on the availability of places at wichai, please check contact section or directly contact the school.

Wichai Wittaya is a Cambridge Program School, and most of the instructions are given in English therefore students’ English level should be enough to follow instructions.
In Kindergarten: students can start the school with zero- English level. Teachers and assistants are trained to assist and help students to carry out instructions.
Early grades in Primary Level; students will be assisted and followed by teachers. Some students may be invited to attend Saturday English courses to reinforce.
Year 4 through 6 in Primary; students need to know at least basic level of English Proficiency.
Year 7; wichai gives a chance to students from regular schools, one of the rooms is designed for students who have basic level of English. All of the students in this group are required to attend Summer Intensive Course and Saturday Reinforcement Courses.
Year 8&9; generally, we do not accept students with no English background, however, for some cases, we may accept with conditions.
For students entering grade 10 or higher, we require an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency.

Children in Kindergarten through Primary 2 participate in a swimming lesson once a week All students in these grade levels are expected to attend swimming lessons.

Yes, in Kindergarten and Primary levels. Summer School is a combination of study and activities. There are several indoor activities and weekly field trips. Summer school usually begins after Songkran holiday and continues for four weeks.

The time and period of summer school is subject to change, please check the updates with the school. In secondary, there are intensive English Courses for new students and English Reinforcement Courses for students who could not pass required English Level. In high school (Year 11 ,12 & 13); students need to join Summer University Entrance Camp.

Yes. In Kindergarten and Primary Levels, there are after school courses available for students who need help to do given assignments during the school time.

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